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My anime aesthetic

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asethetic collage
List of anime in the collage:

  • Beck
  • Genshiken
  • Welcome to the NHK
  • Ping Pong: The Animation
  • Serial Experiments Lain

The art style of anime from 2003-2006 really resonate with me. I don’t think the collage shows it, so I might have to screenshot frames from random episodes but I just love looking at anime from this era. The backdrop from shows like Beck and Genshiken (more so in the manga) is just so detailed that it makes me think that the artists put 100% effort into the work. For example, in Beck the random alleyways or streets look so real, from the wires running across the ground to the random fridge on the side of the pavement. Also I really like the colours used. In the collage, the characters from those shows usually have dark hair and there are hardly ever any vibrant colours like pink or light blue in the backgrounds unless it is used to add something to the scenario or emphasize something else.

Also, 2003 – 2006 are the years I really got into reading. I would have been around 5 – 8 and all the books I read had a similar art style to these anime. I even used to read books with Japanese illustration without me knowing about Japan. So when I found the books again, I was struck with loads of nostalgia but extreme familiarity since I consume a lot of media containing Japanese culture and influence.


The Made in Abyss soundtrack – A work of wonder

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The ‘Made in Abyss’ soundtrack is truly a work of art. I remember when I first listened to the first song on the OST I thought to myself “Wait this sounds just like something Joe Hisaishi would produce”, but then it just snapped into something completely different. It was still classical but it felt contemporary at the same time and now every time I listen to it I find something new to love about the soundtrack. Also, this I definitely think that this soundtrack does in fact make the anime much better. It’s the reason why Made in Abyss was one of the best anime of 2017, the music just stood out so much. One thing I also loved about this soundtrack is that it is one of the only soundtracks I have heard that truly heightens the emotional investment in the show. I really don’t know how it did this, but when something of importance happened in the show I would gasp but when the music played it just upped a notch, I was almost compelled to start flailing my arms around in distraught.

Anyways this is just a few thoughts I had when re-listening to the soundtrack but I’m excited for the second season and can’t wait for the developments.

Here’s a link to the OST – []

Extremely badly written female characters in anime

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the bitch shion

When I’m watching an anime that expects the audience to take the show seriously, I expect the writers to actually take time with the characters. I have endured through too many semi decent shows where I just cringe at the action of the female characters and question to myself whether she would act like that. The show that completely grinded my gears was this seasons Inuyashiki; infact, the actions of the female character completely changed the direction of the show for the worse and its turning to absolute shit.


Examples of badly written female anime characters

  • Shion watanabe from Inuyashiki
  • Bernstein, Kudelia Aina from IBO
  • Mishima, Lisa from terror in resonance


Examples of well written female anime characters

  • Five from terror in resonance
  • Katsuragi, Misato from evangelion
  • Miyamori, Aoi from shirobako


I would put more female characters on here, because there a literally millions of badly written female characters, but I only mentioned the anime characters that appear in the shows that are/appear to be deep. Kudelia Burnstein, is just extremley weak and although she is written as a young character, a person who has knowingly accepted the role of the face of a revolution shouldn’t be acting as weak as she does. Now with this character in comparison to Five from Terror in Resonance, you can tell how the writing defers. Five acts corresponding to how back story, she is calculated, devious and below all this we can tell she is extremley lonely and that just oozes through within the series. Whereas, we are just told that Kudelia is strong but we never actually see that within the show, well we’ve this it once but it was kinda cheesy and predictable.

Well in conclusion, I agree that the quality of how females are represented in anime is dependent on the writer, but since a very large percentage of females in anime are written badly, it might actually be direclty proportional of how Japanese men percieve woman in Japanese society.


Comment some badly written female characters so I can make some memes.


Why do people compare New Game to Shirobako?

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Since the release of New Game, it has for some reason been compared to Shirobako. When in fact they were completely made for different audiences and for different purposes. Its something I’ve seen in blogs and YouTube videos, so I’d like to talk about why and how they both extremely different shows.

Shirobako is a story mainly centered around the life of ‘Aoi Miyamori’, a production assistant in a big anime production company. The anime follows her work life interacting with other people in the industry. Right off the bat, we can tell that the show is already going to be more in-depth and some-what more specialised since she is working as a production assistant, which is a role most people would glance over. Whereas, New Game centers around a young girl, fresh from high school entering the her work life in the character design team of a large game company. So these girls do have slight similarities, as they since work in otaku related media, but the shows themselves and the direction they head in are completely different.



One of Shirobako’s main aims is to educate the viewer about the industry, and it does this very well. For someone who might not know much about the process of anime production, and the roles people have when making anime, Shirobako is a good place to learn such information. They managed to make an interesting and funny slice of life anime that was extremely educational.


Something else that was pretty fun about the show was catching the references they show through at you, and counting how many you could catch. Hideki Anno even made an appearance in an episode. This wouldn’t be a valid reason to rate the show higher, but it is something extra that the show gives the fan, it was also funny and made me question if this was how the staff members actually acted in real life. Is Masao Maruyama actually an avid cook? It must be true right? They can’t just make that up.

However, despite the show being a good starting point on becoming educated on anime production, the show wasn’t entirely factual. The show failed to point out how over worked the staff and animators can be… Yes, there may have been sometimes where they had some drama and had to work for a few hours extra but it didn’t exactly how over-worked and under-paid some of the staff were, it also failed to touch upon the wide pay gap between people in the studio. This is something I would have liked to see in the show, actually if the show included this I’m sure the show would have been better received and would have gained more attention, ultimately acting as some kind of protest to the current situation of the anime industry.


New game

I definitely think that New Game works as a ‘cute girl doing cute things show’, and this opinion is backed up by the fact that there is always a New Game thread on the /a/ board of 4chan, so it must be true right? Anyway, the colours and art style is definitely something you would expect in this kind of show, the flourishes of pink, yellow and purple are very nice to look at, but it’s not really innovative. To be honest, nothing about this show is really innovative, compared to Shirobako but it I guess that really isn’t the point of this show, instead I only watched it when I was in a chilled out mood and wanted something chill to watch, so this was the easiest show I could marathon.

Despite how average the show is, one thing I did really appreciate is how fun the characters are. Every character, apart from aoba-chan (the main character) have really quirky personalities which is something the previous season lacked. So it was definitely something refreshing to watch, also ALL the characters are really cute, especially Aoba and Hifumi.

In fact, me describing the art and animation of the show rather than the content of the show itself shows the difference of the two shows. Instead of appreciating the events that take place in New Game, I am more appreciative of how the characters look like. However, when I describe Shirobako, I am more appreciative of the story, events and character development that takes place in the show, which is something that is lacking in New Game. However, this doesn’t mean that I will rate New Game a 4/10, it just means that I am aware that both shows are trying to do different things. In fact, I  think New Game is above average for what it is trying to be, but I’m aware that Shirobako is something that has never really been seen before.


So, does New Game teach its audience about the Game Production industry?. absolutely not! Throughout the two seasons we have only seen three departments, the character design team, the motion team and the programming team. It’s true that those are arguably the most fundamental teams in-game developement, but since these workers are working in such a large company, we should have at least seen some financial execs or at least heard of their input. But again, this isn’t the main point of the show, the show is supposed to focus on the aoba’s life in the company,  which the show does a pretty good job at.



To conclude, I think people compare them due to the fact that both these shows are centered around women in an otaku, and generally male dominated (less so in anime production) field. However, these shows couldn’t be more different as one is aimed to educate the viewer about the anime production industry, and the other is relaxing show to watch during the weekend when you want to turn off and relax.


Nana Maru San Batsu – First Impression

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If someone told me there was a sports anime that I could also take part in, I definitely wouldn’t believe you. However, **** is a sports anime about a quiz club in high school. As a fan of taking part in quizzes and british quiz shows, finding out there would be a quizzing anime coming out every week was amazing. I could now watch a great game mixed with my favourite medium, and this show has been great so far.

Nana Maru San Batsu is a show that revolve around a book-worm called Koshiyama Shiki, he is invited to a quizzing club and reluctantly goes to a club meet where he learns about a whole new world of competitive quizzing.


The show is pretty good, but one thing that did grind my gears in the first few episodes was how the main female character used her female ‘assets’ to attract new members into the club. I mean, couldn’t the writer think of a more natural way for a first year high-school female to attract more people into her club,  instead of her flaunting her smiles at everyone, that pretty pissed me off; and since its listed as a seinen anime I wasn’t expecting that. But apart from that I think the writing was pretty good; I can see myself being attracted to the club in a similar way to Koshiyama, so in that regard the author set up a relatively accurate setting and feeling to the show.

I also loved how I could take part in the show. There was even a question about the director of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which I answered as well as other geography questions; but since it’s a japanese quiz show there is obviously many questions that I wont know the answer too such as Japanese Literature and Culture questions, but at least I’m learning. So at least I can rate the interactivity of the show a 10/10.

Since I love quizzes so much, and how rare it is to see in an anime, I am thoroughly enjoying the show. However, if I was to review the show in the way a normal reviewer would, then I would say that the show is pretty average in terms of animation, music and even the voice acting of some characters are sub par; the story is the main aspect of the show holding it in my opinion, but right now I am having a good time with the show.




Tanaka-kun is Always Listless [Episodes 9 – 12]

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I have just finished Tanaka-kun is Always Listless and I’m very impressed. For a show that got hardly any recognition when it was airing, the quality of everything was top class. From the art and animation, comedy, characters and general plot lines. It definitely is the most unique and well-directed high-school anime I have seen for a long time.

The show mostly consisted of flat, dead-pan comedy, which is probably my favourite kind of comedy, but since most comedy in main stream anime is mostly goofy and quirky comedy like the stuff we see in Konosuba or Kill la Kill, I don’t see to get this comedy a lot. So it’s quite a fun change of pace to see an anime where I can laugh out loud in every episode where the comedy is smarter. I also recommend this anime because it is extremely beautiful to look at, I’ve said this before but the interior of the school looks like a modern university you would see in the California or Tokyo, so instead of seeing the usual highschool interior, with wooden doors and boring floors, we are able to witness beautiful colour in every corner. Even when the characters aren’t in the school setting the backgrounds look highly details and this is especially true when it’s so easy to notice the contrast between the thick lines of the background and the thin lines of the background.

However, what I noticed about the ending core of the show was that it seemed a bit rushed, I feel like the show would need around 25 episodes to fully flesh out the characters, by involving some serious conflicts, but since the show lacked this aspect we weren’t able to experience feeling some emotion for the characters I really enjoyed watching. For example, the crush aspect between Shiraishi and Tanaka was hardly touched upon until the final episode, where the ultimate conclusion was that since Tanaka is really laid back, she should go slowly in establishing a relationship with him; which I guess is true to some extent, but I’m sure a large amount of the audience would have liked to see this, but since the show was too short then the characters werent able to

I rated the show an 8/10, I would have rated it a nine if we were able to see more events with the characters that we were already well established to. But in general, I enjoyed every moment of the show and hope for an announcement of a second season in the near future.


Tanaka-kun is Always Listless [Episodes 5 – 8]

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I guess I can’t approximate how the show will go from the first four episodes.  I didn’t think the show would have a romantic element to it, but during episode four when I found out that one of the characters had a crush on the protagonist I surprising didn’t sigh. I am actually enjoying how the romance is being executed, it is just a subtle crush, the character isn’t making her crush on the MC loud and noticeable and therefore no unnecessary melodrama is being caused which I am enjoying very much. I look forward to seeing how the romantic element will lead to throughout the show, I guess that I’m enjoying the romantic element more due to the unpredictable nature of the protagonist.

In retrospect, I guess it was silly of me to think that there wouldn’t be any romance in this show. Looking at my MAL, at least 95% of anime has a small amount of romance, hell, even TV shows where romance isn’t the main theme like Sherlock and Doctor Who have some sort of romance element. I guess it is this way because it gives a form of realism to the show, most people go through some form of romantic infliction at some point in their life or at least think about it a lot, so when we see a character with a crush of some sort it gives us a way to relate to them and gives us somebody to root for which is obviously a benefit for the show.

One thing I definitely like about the show is that it really knows what its wants to be. In fact, I have often caught small glimpses of them teasing us, making us think they will throw in generic tropes but then instantly slam us with something really cool very interesting to watch. One way the show is able to do this may be due to the number of cool and relatively unique characters in the show. Without them, the jokes wouldn’t be funny, the characters wouldnt gel well and the situations which the characters were thrown in wouldn’t feel right.