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“Encourgement of climb” – as a short compared to a normal length anime

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encouragement of climSo I was looking through crunchyroll looking for an anime I could really get my teeth into. Something deep, something with no filler, something with substance. So I came across this show “encouragement of climb”, I assumed that I was going to drop it after an episode but before I knew it, the episode over. I looked at the length of the show and it was only three minutes per episode. So I said “screw it” and watched the whole season, and to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it. HOWEVER, in my opinion, this anime only worked in a short episode format. After trying out the second season, I found this verdict to be true. The episodes of the second season felt boring and dragged out.

After watching this show, I formed an opinion that at least 80% of slice of life shows should be a short. The other 20% of slice of life shows that are at least capable of being in a twenty-minute format are shows similar to Haruhi and Genshiken (to be fair, this could be a pretty enjoyable short), where the content is already dense and there is no wasted time. I feel that it is often the case that the exposition takes too long for a subsequently disappointing execution. 


Short formatted slice of life episodes are dense and therefore allows the user to experience a range of emotions in a shorter time frame. There is never no wasted time, and I always immediately see what I want to see. With The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (one of my favourite shows of all time), every single episode was a unique experience, the jokes were always fresh, and even the jokes that were based on-going gags were built upon, instead of being repeated. Another reason why I think the short format is superior for most slice of life shows is because the artists behind the show can spend more time on how the show looks rather than being constrained by the time limits. I saw this in Encouragement of Climb, the first season was gorgeous but in the second season that flare was lost and it was now boring to look at and listen too.

Now I’m not saying that ALL slice of life need to be a short, I acknowledge that melodrama is often the main ingredient in these kind of shows. My argument is that sometimes replacing melodrama for dense humour, story telling and beautiful production will do more good for a show. 

Introduction: Project – “Cute girls doing things”

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Now that I have finally finished exams, I have infinitley more time to do projects that I have been thinking of doing, one of which is completing digibros list of cute girls doing cute things which I’ll link below.

Digibros list

The reason I’m doing this is because, I especially enjoy watching anime when it is part of some project and I also want to become very well read on slice of life cute girl shows. What I’ll do is what the shows in a category and write a single blog post containing all the shows in the category and just explain what I liked and disliked about the shows.

So I’m going to start with the first category “Cute girls do highschool” which include the anime:

  • Azumanga daioh
  • K-On
  • Manabi Straight
  • Hidimari Sketch
  • Lucky Star

If I’ve already seen the show on the list then I’ll try to write what I remember about it and try to link it with the shows from the same category.

Saddle Club vs Slice of Life anime

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“Saddle Club follows the life of three young girls as they make their way through their horse riding classes and develop their friendships”, without any knowledge of the show it would be safe to assume that this show was an anime about young girls and horses. It’s actually an Australian show which aired in 2001, and its one of my childhood favourite shows. I think that this show and other shows like this set me up for watching slice of life anime, because instead of watching episodic action packed cartoons I was introduced to “mundane”, adolescent drama with relationships that were built up over a number of episodes and new characters constantly being added to the dynamic. I was basically groomed to enjoy Genshiken and Haruhi at a young age.

‘Darling in Franxx’ so far [Episodes 1-14]

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When I first wrote about Darling in Franxx all I said I was excited to look at the aesthetic of the show but I was wary about what the actual story would entail. But now that I’m 14 episodes into it, I can safely say that I am extremely enjoying it. Briefly, all I can say is that the show is about a group of eight kids who were groomed from birth to pilot the Franxx machines against the Klauxosaurs. One of the kids ends up meeting a Franxx pilot who is part Klauxosaur (Her name being Zero-Two) and starts developing a complicated relationship with her which is condemned by some members of the group since all the pilots this girl rides with ends up dying. My explanation is probably not so good so here is a link to the MAL synopsis.


But anyway, what I loved about this show was the amount of character developement that was present, most notably with Zero-Two. We saw her transform from somebody that was totally at ease with herself into a damaged, anxious girl going through an identity crisis. This show also highlights the dangers of a dictatorship, these kids are literally being brainwashed by the ‘Father’, and whenever they are about to enter a life threatening mission they constantly bring up how they all desperately want to impress him, but they are now starting to realise that they it is most likely that they are going to die before they reach adulthood; and I think that the later episodes are going to address this and lead to a revolt against the state… Well thats what I’m hoping for at least.


Disastrous life of Saiki K (Episodes 1 – 12)

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Thank god!! For the first couple of episodes I was worried that this season of Saiki K wouldn’t be as good as the first. That’d it be a watered down season that for some reason lacked something vital that was present in the first season. But luckily that wasn’t the case. After the show started to get going, I got used to the characters again, I got used to the comedy again and everything felt great again.

However, what I have noticed is that the show relies on introducing new characters to keep the show fresh. We’re 12 episodes in and three new major characters have already been introduced. So far I don’t see anything wrong with this method and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with it since with each new character introduced comes along multiple funny stories that can be told, so I don’t really care nor understand why some people find this approach to be lazy.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the addition of the two new female characters; mostly because they are competition for Teruhashi. But to be honest, I care more about the upcoming romantic compettition between Teruhashi and the new female psychic, because Saiki is finally going to have a harem. Hopefully we get another girl in the mix so we can see more of Teruhashi fighting off the compettition for Saiki.


This show is…. Interesting

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The thing about this show is that (for me) it can be binged. Its something that you tune into once a week to relieve stress, but I tried binge watching it today but I just got bored. The thing is, the show is really funny and I dont want to drop it so what I’m going to have to do is keep it on my watch list and watch it whilst I’m watching something else of the season.


The silly 4-cell manga has become a pretty successful anime, just not one I can binge.

Takagi-san: Contender for waifu of the season

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I mean, there is just something about Takagi-san right? Is it her husky voice that in no way should belong to a middle schooler or is it just her quick wit that makes you feel a jolt of excitement when she out-smarts Nishitaka for the thousandth time.

There has to be a second season for this show, right? because after Nishitaka’s ‘critical hit’ and seeing her cute reaction to it, I need to see more.