‘Darling in Franxx’ so far [Episodes 1-14]

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When I first wrote about Darling in Franxx all I said I was excited to look at the aesthetic of the show but I was wary about what the actual story would entail. But now that I’m 14 episodes into it, I can safely say that I am extremely enjoying it. Briefly, all I can say is that the show is about a group of eight kids who were groomed from birth to pilot the Franxx machines against the Klauxosaurs. One of the kids ends up meeting a Franxx pilot who is part Klauxosaur (Her name being Zero-Two) and starts developing a complicated relationship with her which is condemned by some members of the group since all the pilots this girl rides with ends up dying. My explanation is probably not so good so here is a link to the MAL synopsis.


But anyway, what I loved about this show was the amount of character developement that was present, most notably with Zero-Two. We saw her transform from somebody that was totally at ease with herself into a damaged, anxious girl going through an identity crisis. This show also highlights the dangers of a dictatorship, these kids are literally being brainwashed by the ‘Father’, and whenever they are about to enter a life threatening mission they constantly bring up how they all desperately want to impress him, but they are now starting to realise that they it is most likely that they are going to die before they reach adulthood; and I think that the later episodes are going to address this and lead to a revolt against the state… Well thats what I’m hoping for at least.


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