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Saddle Club vs Slice of Life anime

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“Saddle Club follows the life of three young girls as they make their way through their horse riding classes and develop their friendships”, without any knowledge of the show it would be safe to assume that this show was an anime about young girls and horses. It’s actually an Australian show which aired in 2001, and its one of my childhood favourite shows. I think that this show and other shows like this set me up for watching slice of life anime, because instead of watching episodic action packed cartoons I was introduced to “mundane”, adolescent drama with relationships that were built up over a number of episodes and new characters constantly being added to the dynamic. I was basically groomed to enjoy Genshiken and Haruhi at a young age.

Extremely badly written female characters in anime

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the bitch shion

When I’m watching an anime that expects the audience to take the show seriously, I expect the writers to actually take time with the characters. I have endured through too many semi decent shows where I just cringe at the action of the female characters and question to myself whether she would act like that. The show that completely grinded my gears was this seasons Inuyashiki; infact, the actions of the female character completely changed the direction of the show for the worse and its turning to absolute shit.


Examples of badly written female anime characters

  • Shion watanabe from Inuyashiki
  • Bernstein, Kudelia Aina from IBO
  • Mishima, Lisa from terror in resonance


Examples of well written female anime characters

  • Five from terror in resonance
  • Katsuragi, Misato from evangelion
  • Miyamori, Aoi from shirobako


I would put more female characters on here, because there a literally millions of badly written female characters, but I only mentioned the anime characters that appear in the shows that are/appear to be deep. Kudelia Burnstein, is just extremley weak and although she is written as a young character, a person who has knowingly accepted the role of the face of a revolution shouldn’t be acting as weak as she does. Now with this character in comparison to Five from Terror in Resonance, you can tell how the writing defers. Five acts corresponding to how back story, she is calculated, devious and below all this we can tell she is extremley lonely and that just oozes through within the series. Whereas, we are just told that Kudelia is strong but we never actually see that within the show, well we’ve this it once but it was kinda cheesy and predictable.

Well in conclusion, I agree that the quality of how females are represented in anime is dependent on the writer, but since a very large percentage of females in anime are written badly, it might actually be direclty proportional of how Japanese men percieve woman in Japanese society.


Comment some badly written female characters so I can make some memes.


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So recently, and by recently I mean the past few months, I’ve been really getting into the genre of vlogging and reality television. I’ve enjoyed investing time into watching personalities I’ve developed a real liking for such as Casey Neistat and the Kardashians (yes, you heard me right), and I really would like for MKBHD to start a vlogging series. Anyway, as a somewhat creative person, I feel like I should be creating videos, but instead of typical vlogs, I want to be creating something artistic, something like Digibros ‘insomnia analysis’ videos or just release something I’ll enjoy in retrospective.

jared dun pivot

So, I haven’t been getting a lot of traffic recently, namely because I haven’t any good ideas to post something that I would be passionate abou, so I’ve appeared inactive. But now that I’ve finished sixth-form (highschool), I should have much more time to make the blog how I want it.


So what is my dream for this blog?

Ultimately, I want my followers to be invested in my life and the content I release, as much they’re interested in the internet personalities they keep updated on.

So to achieve this, I want this blog to be a reflection of myself; so as well as posting about anime, I’ll be posting pictures that I take, interesting vidoes that I feel like making, music that I’ve been listening to and maybe post streams from video games I’ve played, also, maybe less frequently, I will post vlogs.

I’m excited for the changes I’m making, and you’ll probably see a lot more of me in the coming weeks.


What inspired this change

  • Digibro after dark
  • Genshiken
  • Casey Neistat
  • Japanese style of blogging
  • Diaries and Journals

Coming of age

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So… I’ll be turning 18 in a few days, and the last few days of my life as a child was spent watching an AMAZING, ENTERTAINING AND EMOTIVE movie of a child coming to age. Boyhood is a movie that is set over a period of 12 years, with the same actors playing their characters. I haven’t really watched many coming of age movies before, but I think this one was pretty special, not only did the protagonist play his role wonderfully but keeping all the characters the same over a 12 year period, I cared about them much more than I did with other characters from movies. I havent been watching a lot of anime recently, but after watching Boyhood I really want to look for a great coming of age anime that will make me feel the same way Boyhood made me feel.


Here is a link of the best coming of age anime according to MAL

From the list, I’ll be watching:

  • Beck
  • Kids on a slope

The main character Mason, played an edgy teenager who constantly asked questions about life, which obviously made me question my life. For example, what will I be doing 10 years from now? Will I actually enjoy what I’m doing, or will I be slaved away for the rest of my life throwing my aspirations aside following a boss I don’t even like? Watching this film, I realised that I definitely want to make art… Mostly music. But I also know that I want to work in the field of Computer Science.Thanks to this film, I know that I’ll be spending the next few years of my life doing CS research but also making music, whilst continuing to write blog posts and making abstract videos.

If you havent seen this film, and you are almost turning into an adult, I strongly recommend that you watch this film.

His and Her Circumstances

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After taking a break from Hunter x Hunter, I thought I’d watch a slow paced slice of life show, and I remember watching a video from digibro recommending this show so I thought I would would watch it. I’m halfway through completing it and its really fun I think. It’s also somewhat relatable, especially now I’ve been studying to get into the university I want to go to, the characters talking about studying and getting number 1 in tests really motivates me.

At first I wasn’t sure if the animation was how it was for comedic values but now I’ve just noticed that it’s just really bad. To be honest, I don’t think there was a lot of heart put into it by the directors and animators. Hideaki Anno was working on his first live action film at the same time as directing this show, which is probably the reason why he suddenly dropped out of directing, and let his protege work on it instead. I’ve just finished episode 13 and I’m expecting to see a huge changing in styles. This is because this is around the episode Anno stopped working on the show. And from what I’ve read, Hideaki Anno wanted to empathize the personal case study using a very unique directing style; meanwhile, Kazuya Tsurumaki (his protege) wanted to focus on more of the comedic aspects on the show. So, actually watching the different directing styles of both student and teacher should be quite interesting.


When I was about to finish the show, I started getting really close to the characters. Like, I actually started to care about them a lot. Not many shows has done this for me, not  even live action films. This feeling was probably because the show did such a great job of giving the characters such distinct personalities. The show was created before the mainstream archetypes became so widely used (and now saturated), that instead of feeling like I had seen or known the characters it was pretty fun. And definitely a nice change from a generic shonen series. As well as that, the shows development with great. As a late teen myself, the characters were extremely relatable but also believable. Everything Soichiro did and reacted, is something I can actually imagine doing in real life. Rightly so, this show focused beautifully on the characters and their interaction.

This show wasn’t perfect, there were times that I would go on phone because I was bored, and there was one day that I just didn’t want to watch the show because I thought I’d get bored and fall asleep, but I’m glad I continued with it because the characters really took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I really enjoyed it. Kare Kano was extremely relatable and I definitely recommend it for anyone going through high school, or want a nostalgia trip.

WITA Perfect Blue

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Perfect Blue was pretty good. Not only was it a mind fuck but I still found it interesting. Throughout the film I kept thinking that Mima (the main character) was always acting unorthodoxly. Even though she was trying to break into a tough industry, she was being to passive. She had the potential to get into stardom but her naivety held her back, however, her other self knew that she wanted to be part of the pop idol group. Mima having ‘two selves’ means that she has a multi personality disorder. Her first personality (the one we know to be Mima) is trapped but she’s too shy/scared to say anything about it. However, her other self,  is fighting her oppressed self and she does so by murdering producers and script writers and tormenting herself. Hence, this is why the stalker sees the naive Mima as the fake one, because the murderous Mima is the one communicating with him but naive Mima doesn’t remember her encounters with him.

The artstyle and animation was very pretty but it was generic for the time, the writing was very good, but the cinematography was probably the most thrilling part of the movie. The sudden switching between scenes and the absence of music made the scenes more thought provoking. The characters were also well written, each of them serving their purpose. There wasn’t any major flaws the production as a whole, which is obvious given the names attached to the anime.There isn’t anything much I can say without writing pages so thanks for reading.

Will anime die in 5 years?

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The recent statementsof critically directors such as Hayao Miyazaki and Hideaki Anno has raised much uproar in the anime community. For those who don’t know, Miyazaki said that the anime industry is suffering from an industry full of “Otaku”, and further on said that good anime cannot be made by people who don’t ‘watch’ people. This was further on followed by Hideaki Anno’s prediction that “the Japanese anime industry will die in 5 years”. Well… What does this mean? Within this post I will analyse why such acclaimed directors have negative opinions on their own industry.

Many people think that the reason anime is in decline, is due to the new “moe” trend which have been poplar to Otaku’s. Personally I don’t think moe will kill anime, I think it is just another trend which has gained popularity (Such as the Mecha and Sport genre). Anime has always been an ever changing medium. Since the 2005 we have more anime based on the Otaku culture such as Lucky Star and Genshiken. Even though some of these are my favourite anime. Even though the trend in anime is going to change, there has been a decrease in new fans, due to the lack of ‘adventure’ in the medium of anime.


In a recent interview Hayao Miyazaki said that the anime industry is full of ‘Otaku’ and that this is reason why anime is in decline. Miyazaki also went further and stated that the people in the industry don’t spend enough time observing people. I think Miyazaki was trying to say that if ‘Otaku’ don’t go out and have a social life, then how should they expect to make a good story line. Due to this, ‘Otaku’ in the industry are making similar anime to what they have already seen, making anime seem more boring an repeated.This suggests a reason why we are seeing more cliched and dry anime, and why there is a lack in original and fresh anime. I think that Miyazaki’s proposed antidote to this is for ‘Otaku’ to socialise and understand the thoughts of other people, so they can apply this to manga and anime. Without this thought process, I don’t this Miyazaki would have been able to make masterpiece’s like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

spirited away

So, is the moe trend killing anime or fueling it? The thing is… This trend is pumping a lot of money into the industry and the Japanese economy. It is estimated that the obsession with buying moe merchandise is worth 88 billion yen out of the 290 billion otaku market. Brad Rice, editor-in-chief of Japanator said, “moe has literally become an economic force… more and more products—especially shows—are geared towards include some moe (or be entirely made up of it) in order to sell better”.

Hideaki Anno thinks that the anime industry is lacking in terms of story originality and the industries’s workforce itself, and therefore the industry is likely to die in 5 years. Do I agree with this? NO!… The Anime Man said that the anime industry is an ever growing one and that it is very unlikely that such a big industry will disappear in such a short amount of time; hence, the state of anime would need to be in an obvious state of decline for it to suddenly die. To sum up my point, I think that both Hideaki and Miyazaki have been overwhelmed by the sudden change of the medium and the industry, and are unsure of the path the future holds for anime.

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What made Studio Ghibli so good?

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Studio Ghibli was founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki. The studio is a widely recognised studio in Japan and also o
ne the leading animation studios in the world.Within this post I will be trying to explain how Ghibli became so successful and how they won over the hearts of so many anime fans as well as non anime fans. Throughout the lifetime of the studio, it has been obvious that they have suffered considerably, from the lack of financial backing to the inconsistency of their profits and the struggles of dealing with the advancement in technology. However, the amount of times they have recovered from these struggles show us the dedication and persistency Ghibli has, which may be a reason why they are a leading animation studio in Japan


princess-mononoke-36758-2560x1600 One of the factors that makes Studio Ghibli so good is obviously the art and the animation.The character designs are awesome and the colours exert such wonderful and warm feeling, the art style also shows one of simplicity yet it has hints of extreme complexity which shows of the vastness of Miyazaki’s imagination and talent. A reason why the studio still makes an increasing number of sales is because the nostalgic effect it has on the mature audience; which is caused by the recognisable and memorable art, which never fails to leave fans in a state of awe. One of Ghibli’s USP’s (Unique Selling Point) is that it is always hand drawn, this gives the film a more old, retro art style, yet, the talent of the animators still allows the movie to maintain a smooth animation. However this USP did make it difficult for Ghibli as with no financial back up animators were made to draw for hours with very little income, which influenced some people to leave Ghibli which sparked even more problems within the studio.

Music Composer
Music Composer

Another reason why Studio Ghibli is so AMAZING is because of the soundtracks made specifically for the films. Joe Hisaishi (The composer) is honestly one of the best composers of our time; he was able to create such masterpieces that was able to correlate beautifully with the film which made me feel like I was delving into one of the worlds from the films. He worked with Miyzaki to create music for nearly all of his films including; Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984), Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986), My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989), Porco Rosso (1992), Princess Mononoke (1997), Spirited Away (2001), Howl’s Moving Castle (2004), Ponyo (2008), and The Wind Rises (2013). Thanks to Hisaishi I am able to walk to school listening to One Summer’s Day. Honestly, the music is just fantasic! ghibli_by_omitycassie Also, another factor to Ghibli’s success are the characters and the inspiration they have to people all over the world, espeacially children. Some people may argue that the characters in the Ghibli universe are poorly written and have no relatable tropes to anime fans. In my opinion these people may not understand that ‘most’ Ghibli films are aimed at children, and that the plot and the characters are meant to teach the children valuable lessons aswell as entertain them. Also if you look closely in most Miyazaki film the protaganist of the story are usually females, this was because Miyzaki is a feminist and realised that there was a lack of leading female roles in most anime and live action films, therefore he made strong and independent female characters even he wasn’t at the hight of his popularity. This can be seen in the works of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke; this idealism gave me a whole new perspective of heroines which drew me into a different type of genre within anime in which I thoroughly enjoyed… And yes I do like Shoujo anime. best-movie-directors1 Throughout Ghibli’s lifetime they have had a major influence on the animation industry throughout Japan, and even the world. They created a whole new perspective in which animation can be created as well as the content that is being put into the film; which can be noticed in different animation japanese animation such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which is famous for the stunning art style, animation and music. It is also likely that different studio’s are promoting female heroines which may be seen in Pixar’s Brave film; as she is one of the few heroines which has been made by Pixar or Disney. So, maybe in some ways Hayao Miyzaki’s works are influencing eastern projects the same as they are influencing western projects. studio_ghibli_by_neomillenium All in all, I think Studio Ghibli is a fantastic studio that has introduced many peoeple (including myself) into the world of anime, and even though the company is in a bit of a weird place, they will always be known for beautiful films that captivated the minds of both adults and children. This may sound weird but I would like to thank Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki and all the staff that made Studio Ghibli what it is today and hope them all the best of luck. Thanks for reading 🙂 Please follow me on twitter for news on my recent posts.