Spring 2015

The Secret Meaning Behind Baby Steps

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I’ve always loved Baby Steps, I remember the first time I marathoned the first season with bags of popcorn and cans of the RockStar energy drink. However, when I was walking home from playing TENNIS in an in depth conversation about the series I realised the true nature behind the series and the reason behind its extremely relatable plot… Baby Steps is kind of a tutorial on how to be the best person you can be, it may sound cheesy but stay with me on this one.


From the very first episode we can see that Ei-Chan is a very ordinary boy, he isn’t supernaturally fit neither is he some kind of super genius. This is what made us believe that anything this character could we could also do. In the very first episode Ei-Chan is portrayed as a diligent but bored character. The school is literally Ei-Chan’s comfort zone and as soon as we are presented to the character he is looking for a way to try and escape this boredom and look for a risk. He then decides to look for something new to take up and finds a Tennis club on a leaflet. Anyway… When Ei-Chan enters the club and participates in a warm up we are made to watch him sweat and suffer (I kinda over exaggerated a bit), the show does this in such a way that, we, the audience are almost made to sympathize with him. From the very beginning we are made to root for him, INFACT, we are made to divulge into the head of Ei-chan. We are made to feel what he feels, we are made to want what he wants. When watching the episodes, I found myself screaming at the screen trying to advise Ei-Chan what he should do, with his school work, with his relationships and with his tennis. This then made me question my life and think to myself that I should be more like Ei-Chan; I should be more proactive in my education, I should be more outgoing, I should have more determination in looking for a new challenge. I should be WILLING to go out of my comfort zone and look for a new challenge. This is only one of the things that Baby Steps taught me.


When watching the Baby Steps matches, I realised that Ei-Chan always learns something new in most of the matches he plays; whether it be a tactic he uses in his games, or something that will help him in both tennis and in real life situations. For example, in the match he plays with Ide-Kun for the first time he is overwhelmed by the amount of people watching him and he quickly realizes that this is having an effect on his performance in the game. In that match alone, we see him develop his own style of overcoming pressure faced on him. He does this by listing all his fears on a sheet of paper and imagines the list slowly fading away. This method allows to enter a world of his own by visualizing his surroundings fading away. A few weeks after this episode, I too find myself using this method as a way to overcome pressure. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED. An anime actually taught me a short term lesson which proved very helpful to me, and after I while I realized that this wasn’t the first time it had done this. One of my favorite episode of the series is when Ei-Chan learns to use his instincts a game. However, before this we are made aware the Nat-Chan is a player that mainly relies on her instincts to win her games, and we are also informed that Ei-Chan is the opposite. However if he, Ei-Chan, learnt to be a player who was able to use to both his head and his instincts then he would have a severe advantage over players in his league. When I went through this episode it reminded me that the instinct was an important factor, both in sport but also in academics and life in general. Actually, I laughed when Ei-Chan was able to utilize his instincts for the first time as it felt so weird and surreal to him. When these two personalities came together, it was almost as if I was watching an internal struggle. This scene perfectly abstracted the hardship of disassociation and linked it to a fun and inspiring episode of Baby Steps. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Baby Steps does not only link its episodes improve the life of teens, but it also links to helping people different kinds of disabilities… Maybe I dug too deep for this one but it’s just what I thought when watching the episodes. If you feel like there’s something I missed or that I was wrong don’t hesitate to tell me by tweeting at @AdmiralARiES (It’s on the menu bar), thanks for reading.