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Comparing the Seiseki and Barcelona players.

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I was in the middle of getting my hair cut, everyone was intensely watching a football match on the TV starring Barcelona. In the middle of watching the game… Me and my brother started noticing that Barcelona and Seiseki had similar playing styles. Then I mentioned that all the big players in Seiseki kind of had corresponding players that played for Barcelona. I’m going to list all the Seiseki players and corresponding Barcelona players below.


Despite both players playing different positions, they have extremely similar play styles. Both players are extremely quick on the ball and are known for blowing past the defenders and making them look slow.Both Messi and Mizuki are also top goal scorers for their team. The biggest difference I would think of would be the differences in their height. At the moment, Mizuki is 5ft8, whilst messi is 5ft7. However, Mizuki is only 17/18, so I’m pretty certain he has a few more inches to grow before he reaches adulthood.


Neymar is known for his “Dribbling, finishing and ability on both feet”. I can relate each one of these points back to Kazama. Firstly, in each game he plays, he has to show off his footwork and dribbling skills which eventually wow the audience. Also, the time that he used both feet was shown in the most recent game he played. Unfortunately, he injured his right foot and had to use his left foot to score a freekick, which he surprisingly scored. BTW, that goal was bloody beautiful.Both footballers are also relatively handsome and good with the ladies. Also, since Kazama is only in his first year, its quite hard to determine how tall he will be, but I’m sure that if they show him in the third year, he’ll be pretty tall.


The next on the list is Ooshiba and Suarez. Both players are talented center forwards, who are reliable goal scorers. That and the the fact that they are both considered aggressive players are the only similarities I can think off. Suarez has had some incidents off pitch that includes biting and throwing racial slurs but I can’t actually link that to Ooshiba.


For this one, I dont really see any off pitch similiarities. Infact, their opposites. Kimishita is an always angry person, whilst Iniesta is more quite and humble person. However, on-pitch, they are extremely similar. Both are attacking midfielders, with a knack for scoring goals when it matters. Iniesta scored the winning goal in the final of the world cup of 2010, whilst Kimishita scored the winning free-kick, which got Seiseki into the final.


Usui… The genius that is Usui. He is probably one of the most coolest characters I have seen in anime. To be honest, Pique should be honoured that I’m comparing him to this genius. Anyway, Usui is the vice captain and the leading defender for the team, whereas Pique is the central defender for the Barcelona. Both players also share the number 3 on their jerseys. Both players are hugely respected and are appreciated greatly by their team members and managers, with Pique being regarded as one of the best defenders in the world.



Stegen and Inohara are both great goalkeepers but I dont really know much about Inohara or Stegen to try and compare them. However, from what I have seen, Inohara is a huge resistive force for Seiseki which he proved in their most recent games. Stegen also has quite good agility, but it dont know if I would compare it to Inohara, especially in proportion with his size.



And know we have Tsukamoto… I wouldn’t compare him with anyone just yet. Let’s give it 2 more seasons (hopefully).