Summer 2017

The Made in Abyss soundtrack – A work of wonder

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The ‘Made in Abyss’ soundtrack is truly a work of art. I remember when I first listened to the first song on the OST I thought to myself “Wait this sounds just like something Joe Hisaishi would produce”, but then it just snapped into something completely different. It was still classical but it felt contemporary at the same time and now every time I listen to it I find something new to love about the soundtrack. Also, this I definitely think that this soundtrack does in fact make the anime much better. It’s the reason why Made in Abyss was one of the best anime of 2017, the music just stood out so much. One thing I also loved about this soundtrack is that it is one of the only soundtracks I have heard that truly heightens the emotional investment in the show. I really don’t know how it did this, but when something of importance happened in the show I would gasp but when the music played it just upped a notch, I was almost compelled to start flailing my arms around in distraught.

Anyways this is just a few thoughts I had when re-listening to the soundtrack but I’m excited for the second season and can’t wait for the developments.

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Nana Maru San Batsu – First Impression

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If someone told me there was a sports anime that I could also take part in, I definitely wouldn’t believe you. However, **** is a sports anime about a quiz club in high school. As a fan of taking part in quizzes and british quiz shows, finding out there would be a quizzing anime coming out every week was amazing. I could now watch a great game mixed with my favourite medium, and this show has been great so far.

Nana Maru San Batsu is a show that revolve around a book-worm called Koshiyama Shiki, he is invited to a quizzing club and reluctantly goes to a club meet where he learns about a whole new world of competitive quizzing.


The show is pretty good, but one thing that did grind my gears in the first few episodes was how the main female character used her female ‘assets’ to attract new members into the club. I mean, couldn’t the writer think of a more natural way for a first year high-school female to attract more people into her club, ¬†instead of her flaunting her smiles at everyone, that pretty pissed me off; and since its listed as a seinen anime I wasn’t expecting that. But apart from that I think the writing was pretty good; I can see myself being attracted to the club in a similar way to Koshiyama, so in that regard the author set up a relatively accurate setting and feeling to the show.

I also loved how I could take part in the show. There was even a question about the director of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which I answered as well as other geography questions; but since it’s a japanese quiz show there is obviously many questions that I wont know the answer too such as Japanese Literature and Culture questions, but at least I’m learning. So at least I can rate the interactivity of the show a 10/10.

Since I love quizzes so much, and how rare it is to see in an anime, I am thoroughly enjoying the show. However, if I was to review the show in the way a normal reviewer would, then I would say that the show is pretty average in terms of animation, music and even the voice acting of some characters are sub par; the story is the main aspect of the show holding it in my opinion, but right now I am having a good time with the show.